Support epilepsy patients through Epilepsy Foundation India's Adopt a Patient initiative. Your contribution of Rs. 11,000 can ensure that a needy rural epilepsy patient, gets 1 year's medication delivered free to their doorstep, even in pandemic times! Donate Now!!


Support Epilepsy Foundation India's rural epilepsy camps by giving your time and working in the camp as a volunteer. Doctors, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupation Therapists, Clinical Psychologists, Data entry operators any anyone interested to serve the rural epileptic patients are welcome. Enroll as a Volunteer Now!!


If you wish to contact Dr. Surya to benefit from the services offered by Epilepsy Foundation India, click here!

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The journey began in a middle class business family in Jodhpur in 1956. From sitting in a shop making and selling Rakhis, destiny was about to shine down unto me. A brief visit to Mumbai in 1971 as a simple 15 year old made me realize my life’s true calling. It was here that I found the inspiration to become a man of medicine. Thus the journey had reached a crucial point. My parents recognised this and encouraged my initial infatuation into a full blown career in medicine. From here on it was a life of dedication, struggle and service.

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