Epilepsy Training for Teachers

Epilepsy Training for Teachers from NGO Mumbai Mobile Creche 9 March, 2018 2pm-4pm

Training was conducted at Epilepsy Foundation at Lotus House on ground floor on gth March 2018. 17 teachers and nurses from Mumbai Mobile Creche were trained on managing Epilepsy patients. They were provided with copies of information such do’s and don’t for epilepsy, work of the foundation such as Tuesday Free Clinic, camps, events and upcoming Purple Day and like celebration.

These celebrations help not only to build confidence and motivation amongst patients but also create awareness in society at large.

Dr. Surya spoke on epilepsy problems in society, myths and how to overcome these taboos.
Many of the attendee asked questions and spoke about their experience.

Dr. Kushal Agrawal DM resident gave details about epilepsy, how to detect, classify, dos and don’ts etc

Mr. Devashish Bhaindarkar an epilepsy patient shared his experience post medication on how he leads a dignified life by painting and earning his livelihood. He also volunteers in foundation.
Another patient Mr. Ranjit Gautam who is a dancer also spoke about his experience post medication and his younger brother Master Ashok Gautam who goes to school.
It was not limited to patient even caregiver Mrs. Sarrao shared her experience with 22 years epileptic daughter who is encouraged to lead normal life.

There was interaction with patients and caregiver in form of question answer and sharing of experiences post medication. There was quick recap test to check the understanding of the participants and results were declared. Post result there was small refreshment as an opportunity for the panellist and participants to interact with each other in real time.

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