Camp at Civil Hospital, Washim

The team of 35 led by Dr. Nirmal Surya, Founder Trustee & Chairman, Epilepsy Foundation camp were present at Washim. The camp started at 9.00am with the CME lecture by Dr. Nirmal Surya which was attended by nearly 75 Physician & IMA doctors of Washim Hospital Dr. Arun Raut (Civil Surgeon, Washim), Dr. Jambhrunkar (Addl. Civil Surgeon, Washim), Dr. Deepak Selokar (DHO, Washim), & Mr. Pankaj Jagtap (CPM, Akola). The CME is Accreditated by MMC for 2 Credit points.

The camp was inaugurated with lighting of Lamp by Shri. Rajendra Patani (MLA, Washim), Dr. Nirmal Surya presence of Dr. Arun Raut (Civil Surgeon, Washim), Dr. Jambhrunkar (Addl. Civil Surgeon, Washim), Dr. Deepak Selokar (DHO, Washim), Mr. Pankaj Jagtap (CPM, Akola), Dr. Anil Kavkhare, Dr. D. R. Sase, Mr. Sandip Jadhav (PPP Coordinator, Akola) & Mr. Tushar Dhoble (Program Assistant RBSK, Washim)

There was a rush of patients and a total of 153 patients suffering from epilepsy were examined by the team of doctors & Therapist. Among the patients were people who had come from various districts & Schools Health workers as well as local people from Washim district. Besides epilepsy patients there were few patients suffering from MR with epilepsy seen by the team.

An EEG room was set up with 3 EEG Machines by 4 EEG technicians. A total of 34 EEGs were done. Every Patient’s data was recorded for future reference and follow up. A Team consisting of a Clinical Psychologist, One Physiotherapist, Two Occupational Therapists & Two Speech Therapists from Mumbai were also present to evaluate & treat patients. They treated 242 Patients overall. (CP= 27,
PT= 18, OT= 30, & ST= 35), The CT scan was done free for 12 patients.

The street play was performed at 5 places namely, Civil Hospital, Bus Stop, Market & Chowk. It evoked a great response from all onlookers. Epilepsy Foundation has arranged 61 patients 3 months free medicine with the help of various Pharma Companies (Intas & Sun Pharma). The Camp ended at 3.00pm & the team departed from Washim to Akola to Mumbai with great satisfaction.

Team of Doctors present at Washim

Dr. Nirmal Surya (Neurologist, Mumbai) Dr. Sikandar Adwani (Neurologist, Amravati)
Dr. Deepak Kurhade (Neurologist, Amravati) Dr. Dinesh Kabra (Neurologist, Nagpur)
Dr. Amarjeet Wagh (Neurologist, Nagpur) Dr. Neelesh Bhandari
Dr. Kushal Agarwal (Neuro Resident, Mumbai) Dr. Swarupa Bansode (MD, Fellow Peadiatric,Mumbai)
Dr. Aniket Kini (RMO, MBBS, Mumbai) Ms. Aarti Sharma (Clinical Psychologist, Mumbai)
Dr. Ashima Choudhary (Ped. Fellow OrthopedicSurgeon, Mumbai) Dr. Hitav Someshwar (Physiotherapist, Mumbai)
Dr. Archana Agarwal (Physiotherapist, Amravati) Dr. Manoj Mavde (Physiotherapist, Amravati)
Dr. Mrunal Harle (Physiotherapist, Amravati) Dr. Sagar Dhanorkar (Physiotherapist, Amravati)
Dr. Kiran Pal (Occupational Therapist, Mumbai) Dr. Yashwanti Ughade (Occupational Therapist,Mumbai)
Dr. Prachi Jadhav (Speech Therapist, Mumbai) Dr. Priya Karotra (Speech Therapist, Mumbai)

EEG technician

Mr. Rahul Ambadskar Mr. Shivaji Tambe Ms. Rupali Kamble Mr. Ritesh Petkar, Amravati

Medicine Distributor & Data Operator

Mr. Satendra Singh Mr. Amogh Desai Mr. Dhanda Pani

Social Worker

Mr. Mahesh Pawar Mr. Devashish Bhaindarkar
Mr. Prakash Bhaindarkar Mr. Vinod Soni

Support Team

Mr. Nitin Vengurlekar Mr. Pravin Sisode Mr. Ravindra Ghadigaonkar

Team of Street Play

Mr. Dilip Kamble Mr. Pradeep Velonde Mr. Tejas Bhor Miss. Sakshi Jalgaonkar Ms. Megha


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