Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019

Date: 20th January, 2019

Epilepsy Foundation has been participating in Mumbai Marathon for past 9 years including 2019. Epilepsy is a disease with lots of myths and taboos and people want to hide their illness and take voodoo treatment rather proper medicine. A total of 650 Epilepsy patients and their care takers took part.Out of which 250 participated in Dream Run, more than 400 with Epilepsy were cheering the runners at the Cheer Zone as well as to raise awareness on epilepsy.

The Finalist of ZEE ‘SA RE GA MA PA’ danced in support of Epilepsy foundation to encourage the dream runners.

On this occasion Dr Nirmal Surya, Founder trustee and chairman, Epilepsy foundation, who was a change investor, raised more than five lakhs INR, raised awareness about epilepsy and thanked all the participants for their support.

Theme of this year was Empowering people with Epilepsy for Epilepsy (where people with epilepsy train other people with epilepsy for various activities like dance, music, yoga, craft, painting, sewing etc. At the epilepsy rehabilitation and management centre)

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