Camp at Civil Hospital, Aundh, Pune

The team of 35 led by Dr. Nirmal Surya, Founder Trustee & Chairman, Epilepsy Foundation camp at Latur, The camp started at 9.00am with the CME lecture by Dr. Jimmy Lalkaka, Neurologist, Mumbai, Dr. Nirmal Surya, which was attended by nearly 100 Physician in presence of Dr. Ashok Nandapurkar (Civil Surgeon, Aundh) & Dr. Bagwanrao Kakane (Additional Civil Surgeon, Civil Hospital, Aundh). The CME is Accreditated by MMC for 2 Credit points.

Dr. K. Venketeshan, Commissioner of Police, Pune city visited the camp.

The Camp was inaugurated & lighting of Lamp by Dr. Nirmal Surya, (Founder Trustee & Chairman, Epilepsy Foundation), Dr. Nitin Bilolikar (Deputy Director, Pune), Dr. Ashok Nandapurkar (Civil Surgeon, Aundh) & Dr. Bagwanrao Kakane (Additional Civil Surgeon, Civil Hospital, Aundh) and Shri Ashsih (RBSK Coordinator, Aundh)

There was a rush of patients and a total of 581 patients suffering from epilepsy were examined by the team of doctors & Therapist. Among the patients were people who had come from various districts & Schools Health workers as well as local people from Nanded district. Besides epilepsy patients there were few patients suffering from MR with epilepsy and other disability were also seen by the team.

An EEG room was set up with 3 EEG Machines by 4 EEG technicians. A total of 29 EEGs were done. Every Patient’s data was recorded for future reference and follow up. A Team consisting of a Clinical Psychologist, One Physiotherapist & Two Speech Therapists from Mumbai were also present to evaluate & treat patients. They treated 184 Patients overall. (CP= 15, PT= 32, OT=58 & ST=79). MRI & CT Brain was done by 12 patients.

There was a street play organized by the Epilepsy foundation under the supervision of Dr. Nirmal Surya for the awareness of Epilepsy which helped to give a clear view to the Patients & their caregivers about the myths & facts surrounding Epilepsy. The street play performance was arranged in the hospital premises, ST stand, Railway Station and other public places in Pune & the response was encouraging from public.

The Camp ended at 4.00pm & team departed to next camp at Kolhapur with great satisfaction.

Team of Doctors present at Aundh, Pune

Dr. Nirmal Surya (Neurologist, Mumbai) Dr. Jimmy Lalkaka (Neurologist, Mumbai)
Dr. B. N. Sawant (Neurologist, Mumbai) Dr. V. S. Manek (Neurosurgeon, Mumbai)
Dr. Satish Nirhale (Neurologist, Pune) Dr. Hemant Sant (Neurologist, Pune)
Dr. Sujit Jagtap (Neurologist, Pune) Dr. Rahul Kulkarni (Neurologist, Pune)
Dr. Amit Pande (Neurologist, Pune) Dr. Nilesh Kurwale (Neurosurgeon, Pune)
Dr. Sandeep Patil (Ped. Neurologist, Pune) Dr. Mehul Desai (Neuro Resident, Mumbai)
Ms. Aarti Sharma (Clinical Psychologist, Mumbai) Dr. Sonal Chitnis (Speech Therapist, Pune)
Dr. Sakshi Pal (Speech Therapist, Pune) Dr. Janet John (Speech Therapist, Pune)
Dr. Radhika S (Speech Therapist, Pune) Dr. Hitav Someshwar (Physiotherapist, Mumbai)
Dr. Kiran Pal (Occupational Therapist, Mumbai) Dr. Janvi Someshwar (Occupational therapist, Mumbai)
Dr. Maithili Kadam (Speech Therapist, Mumbai) Dr. Tanvi Singhavi (Speech Therapist, Mumbai)

Social Worker

Mr. Mahesh Pawar Mr. Akhilesh Jaiswar Mr. Prakash Bhaindarkar
Mr. Devashish Bhaindarkar Mr. Deepak Gandhi Mr. Bhupendra Joshi

EEG technician

Mr. Rahul Ambadskar Mr. Umesh Pardeshi Ms. Rupali Kamble Mrs. Maya Dave

Medicine Distributor & Data Operator

Mr. Amogh Desai Mr. Rajkumar Mr. Vyanketesh

Support Team

Mr. Pravin Sisode Mr. Ravindra Ghadigaonkar

Street Play

Mr. Dilip Kamble Mr. Pradeep Velonde Ms. Sonali Nadkar Mr. Tejas Bhor Mr. Prasad Raorane

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