Epilepsy: A New Approach combines Adrienne Richard’s own inspiring story of overcoming a debilitating condition with Dr. Reiter’s up-to-the-minute medical knowledge of diagnosis and treatment.

This patient and family guide to seizures and epilepsy was written by the leading epilepsy experts in the USA. This effort resulted in a balanced, comprehensive and informative guide intended to inform and guide patient and families.

Authored by three distinguished epileptologists, this book provides an evidence-based consideration of the use of Complimentary and Alternative (CAM) therapies in epilepsy care.

Written by an expert in the field, Epilepsy: 199 Answers, 3rd Edition, continues to provide accurate, up-to-date and comprehensible medical information for epilepsy patients and family members.

Epilepsy: Patient and Family Guide, 3rd Edition offers a comprehensive and authoritative discussion of epilepsy for the patient.

This second edition of Seizures and Epilepsy, written almost a quarter of a century after the ground-breaking first edition, is more than an update: it is a complete revision due to tremendous advances in the field.

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Yoga and Epilepsy

Many Epilepsy patients recommend working with a disorders specialist. This is a neurologist who has taken additional training. A general neurologist may treat patients with any of more than 100 neurological conditions, whereas a specialist focuses on a handful of disorders. Specialists also often are affiliated with reputable universities or teaching hospitals.

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